Sunday, January 4, 2015

Whales, Bees, and Sky: January Sneak Peek for Scrap n' Art

Happy New Year Card
Wow!  I completed lots of projects for this issue!  Along with Christmas decorating, shopping, and traveling, December was a busy month.  I trust that you all had a happy and safe holiday season and I wish everyone a healthy and prosperous new year!

I worked with some amazing new products including 7 Dots Studio and Blue Fern Studios, both providing the design team with beautiful patterned paper and chipboard.  I used 7 Dots Studio, "Destination Unknown" paper collection, featuring beautiful celestial and sea designs in teal, black and light neutrals.  It is stunning!

Destination Unknown

I LOVE these beautiful tags!
This is a bit off-topic, but I LOVE whales!  Ever since I read an article in National Geographic magazine when I was little, I've loved them.  What appeals to me about them is their size combined with their intelligence and gentleness.  The Blue Whale (click on the link for an interesting interactive) is the largest creature on earth, at 100 feet long, is larger than a basketball court or 3 school buses in a row. It weighs 200 tons, or the equivalent of 15 school buses. I've never seen one in the wild, but it is on my bucket list. 

With that said, I created a simple canvas using the Destination Unknown patterned paper, paints and this cute chipboard whale that came in the collection.  I don't think he is a Blue Whale, but I used my artistic licence and painted him with shades of blue paint and added a bit of white. I think he is adorable!  The quote on the canvas reads: "You are a rare and beautiful creature and you fill my heart with wonder and joy."

Rare and Beautiful Canvas
I also created a scrapbook page using the celestial pattered paper that I painted with Viridian (color) paint by Art Anthology.  It is very transparent so the pattern shows through.  Check out my tutorial at Scrap n' Art here: Destinations Unknown with 7 Dots Studio.

Blue Fern Studios offers a huge variety of laser-cut chipboard in every conceivable shape you can think of! Their patterned paper is very heavy and beautiful subtle colors and patterns.   I used some hexagon/honeycomb chipboard and pattered paper for an artistic tag.  

Indigo Blu is a wonderful rubber stamp company based in England.  I used the Snow Queen stamp to create a winter themed canvas for the magazine.  I used a 10"x 10"canvas that I started in November for a project and I didn't like the results so I put it aside and picked it up in December, painted it over with gesso, and blue paint and started over.  I kept little bits of the bright orange color from the original canvas peeking through, which added depth to the finished project.  If you are in the States and want to purchase Indigo Blu stamps, check out or 

So check out the January issue of Scrap n' Art magazine for more projects and tutorials.  Learn and be inspired.  Thanks for visiting! Leave me some words below, as long as they are nice!  

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