Monday, May 9, 2016

Mixed Up Manic Monday

Hi creative friends! I got all caught up with Inspiration
Wednesday so I thought I would share my take on the last few weeks.  I'll start with my favorite, the most recent.

There is so much I love about this page: the color combo of cobalt teal and quinacridone nickel azo gold, mixing in the white with my finger, the peeks of book text and black numbers from the layers, and the addition of pencil around the circles and the raised text.
April 27
I also love when something doesn't work but I find a way to make it even better!  In this case, I didn't have the rub-on sticky words but had the foil.  So I tried to use sticky embossing powder and a word stamp but I couldn't read the word.  I found that the foil stuck to the painted surface because it was still a bit sticky so I used the end of my paintbrush and scribbled some words and lines through the gold foil and it stayed put!

April 27
April 13  
This is the week when Donna used the Poppy napkins.  Obviously, I didn't have any flowery napkins, but I did have lots of gel plated deli paper. I picked a black and white geometric pattern and used Seth Apter stencils for the words and outlined them with black pencil.  Love the lines at the bottom. 

March 30
I used another gel print on this page.  I actually had some of that bleeding tissue and had not used it yet, so that was fun!  My favorite thing is the animal on the dictionary page I used.  It's called a Gnu-a large African antelope. :)

March 30

When I saw the blue dripping, I thought about water and how much I love the ocean.  I had some of those sticky rub-ons in ocean shapes but no words so I went with that and hand wrote the quote.
March 16

I call this one the "Hot Mess" page and with any luck, Donna will have us redo one like last year.  I do like the quote, "Time flies. It's up to you to be the navigator." 

March 02
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Monday, May 2, 2016

Another Mixed Up Manic Monday

Happy Mixed Up Manic Monday!  I spent this past weekend making art with my good friends Kristie Taylor, her mother, Janet, and Lorrie Simmons in Gatlinburg, TN.  Making art can be isolating sometimes, so it was so inspiring to create with these talented ladies! We share our ideas and supplies, eat way too much yummy food, and have lots of laughs!

I worked on some upcoming projects that I will share later on Art Anthology and Melissa Frances blogs.  I also created an 8" x 10" canvas using he Stencil Girl Decorative Medallion Stencil designed by Gwen Lafleur.  I have a current obsession with everything Moroccan style, bright colors and geometric shapes and Gwen's artwork is very much about that style.

Lastly, see my video where I will show you how I made this cool Gel print using the 8" x 10" Gel Plate

Have a great week, creative peeps! I would love it if you left me a comment below.

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Monday, April 25, 2016

Mixed Up Manic Monday

I've had this idea for a while.  Mixed Up Manic Monday will be a blog post every Monday where I will share videos, tutorials, projects, product reviews and whatever else is of interest to mixed media artists.  My goal is to inspire and inform you.  You don't need to be a member of my blog but I would love it if you would join if you haven't already!

Here is what my desk looks like today.

This weekend I did massive amounts of Gel Plate printing and I got some really cool prints to share with you.  Here are a few.

I am creating a video for Gel Press that has a very cool technique that you will have to wait to find out about.  It is so easy and results in some really pretty prints. Not sure when that will be available but most likely some time in May.  Here is a little sneak peek.

So as a creative person, what types of things do you like to see on creative blogs? More videos? If so, about what? Photo tutorials with step by step instructions?  What don't you like? Too many photos? Lots of blathering and not enough photos?  Don't be shy, comment below!  I really want your input!

Thanks for visiting my first Mixed Up Manic Monday blog post! See you next Monday, or maybe before!

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Reusable Tote Made from Plastic Bags

Happy Earth Day! I have a special project today to share that I recently made using plastic shopping bags.  Despite using reusable ones, somehow I accumulate them anyway.  I gathered them all together and followed this youtube video, which was surprisingly simple!  I don't sew and hate following patterns so that just goes to show you anyone can do this!

Reusable Tote Made Using Plastic Bags (front)
My poor abused sewing machine! I ran into some trouble with the handles, which were very difficult to sew on at the end. I may shorten them, since they are a bit too long.  In addition to using plastic shopping bags, I added some dry cleaning bags, which have a great advantage because they are much longer.

Reusable Tote Made Using Plastic Bags (back)
Things to do different the next time I make this bag:

1. Don't make the plastic "fabric" as thick.  Four or five bags are enough to fuse together.  
2. Don't try to add paper in between the bags.  It doesn't stick.
3. Apply the duct tape to the top BEFORE sewing the bag together.  
4. Sew the handles on before sewing the bag together.  
5. Consider adding only one handle.

And now, a video about plastic, and its effect on our environment.  Please, please watch!

Next time you go to the grocery store, I want you to think about this image and remember to take your reusable totes with you!

Does anyone else have upcycled projects that they create?  I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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Check out these sites for more info about how to stop using so much plastic.

Homemade laundry detergent

Plastics: I Pledge to Reduce My Use


Tote Bag Tutorial

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Happy Earth Day!

Welcome to the Gel Press Earth Day Blog Hop!  We want to encourage you to reuse and recycle with Gel Press.  Have you thought of making Gel Press Prints on old maps?  What about old Christmas cards or even magazines?  Hop around and see what our designers have come up with for this hop.  

We will be giving away a prize again for the comments on the Gel Press Blog.  Comment on what your favorite project was and why.  We will accept comments from April 20 - April 24.  The winner will be announced April 25th on our FB Page and on Gel Press Junkies FB page!  Good Luck!

Today I have an easy tutorial using the 8" Round Gel Press to make artsy labels for use in organizing craft supplies, for my handmade laundry detergent and lotion, and even cards and art projects!

Gel Press Labels
In honor of Earth Day, I made a tutorial on my blog a few days ago about how I make my laundry detergent.  You wouldn't believe how much money I save and how easy it is!  Plus, I am not buying dozens of plastic containers that pollute our oceans. Find out more about it here.
Lavender Laundry Detergent with Gel Press Labels
I used Avery labels in a couple of different sizes, including round, and the 8" Round Gel Press to make them.  You can even custom print them on their website,  

I pulled out some smaller rubber stamps and stencils along with heavy body paints.  I'm also using embossing folders on the Gel plate for this project because the designs are smaller and will show up well on the labels. I am using the 8" round Gel Plate.  Why, you ask?  Read more to find out. 

Step 1
Put three shades of green paint onto the 8"round Gel Plate and brayer.  

Step 2
Press an embossing folder into the Plate. I just have to stop here and tell you how much I LOVE using these folders on the Gel Plate.  You need to try it if you haven't yet! Using the embossed and debossed sides results in a cool positive and negative effect that is hard to get with any other tool.  Don't forget to clean the folder asap.  

Step 3
Grab a sheet of labels and press down onto the Plate. I printed in the middle of the label sheet.

Step 4
Print the edges of the label sheet, adding more paint (repeat step 1) when needed.  

Here is the reason that I chose the round Gel Plate instead of the 8"x 10" Gel Plate: some of the labels peeled off when I tried to print the whole sheet in one pull on the rectangle plate.  Using the round plate seemed to work much better since I was printing smaller areas.  The 6" x 6" or 5" x 7" Gel Press would work well for this project also.  

Step 5
After cleaning my plate with a baby wipe, I printed another label sheet using purples, pressing a dandelion stamp into the plate.  

Step 6
I use the rubber stamp with purple paint from the Gel Plate to stamp onto the green label sheet. Using the Gel Plate is an excellent way to "ink" up your stamps.  

After the label sheets are completely dry, I printed a few of them using, which allows me to customize individual labels using their templates.  

I gel printed a couple more sheets of labels and made some cards with them. 

And organized some art supplies too!

To see how I make my homemade laundry detergent, go to this blog post.

Don't forget to visit the blog hoppers and see their Gel Press projects.  Then go to the Gel Press Blog and comment for a chance to win a round Gel Plate!
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