Sunday, October 2, 2016

Prima's Rust Paste and The Blue City

I love companies that have unique and successful artists create products because those products are usually things that other artists really want.  Prima is one of those companies and Finnabair, aka Anna Dabrowska, is one of those artists.  Along with many other artist, Finnabair has her own very successful line of stencils, stamps, embellishments, mixed media paints and mediums with Prima.

I love creating patinas and when I saw Finnabair's Rust Paste, I knew I had to have it.  It comes in a set of three colors, red, brown and gold, and has an opaque, textural, matte finish. I applied the paste to some chipboard die-cuts to test it out.

Rusting It Up!

I started by applying the brown paste first, then added red, leaving some of the brown showing. It goes on gritty but layers beautifully and does not flake off when dry.  It looks like rust that has built up over time.  I was really impressed!

I added a touch of Finnabair's new acrylic paint, Art Alchemy, in Violet-Gold, which is much more fluid and works really well over the Rust Paste. I applied it with my finger and a very light touch so I could create just a glimmer of gold. If I added too much, no problem! I just kept layering Rust Paste and paint until I liked the results.

I only have two colors of Art Alchemy: Metallique Light Patina (turquoise), and Opal Magic Violet-Gold. The latter has two-tone qualities, for a very unique effect. I LOVE the beautiful shimmer that this paint has, and there are many more colors to choose from. I must have more!

The Project
So what will I make with these rusty die-cuts?  Sometimes the answer is right in front of me.  I had a canvas that I started and didn't like where it was headed.  So I put it on a shelf that faces my desk.

Unfinished Canvas
Ugly, right?  Well, I had an idea. I removed the orange from the canvas and started layering Finnabair's beautiful, shimmery Art Alchemy paints over the layers that were already there.

After the paints dried, I used a rubber stamp from Finnabair's Dirty Walls Stamp Set (oh man, this set is so cool!) with Manganese Blue and Sepia Archival Ink to add more depth to the background.

After much song and dance with my rusty die-cuts, metal Prima embellishments and some photos on my desk, my canvas was finally finished.  

I've been obsessed with this blue city in Morocco since I discovered it online a while back.  Blue is my favorite color and to think that there is a city where all the buildings are blue makes me giddy! The town is called Chefchaouen and someday I want to see it in real life.  But for now, I can dream in blue!

Is there a place that inspires you?  I would love to hear about it! Let me know in the comments below. Thanks for visiting today! 

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