Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Happy Birthday E-Card With Gel Press

Check out my blog post today over on the Gel Press® blog where I have a tutorial on how I made these E-Cards.

What's an e-card?  Well, I've had this idea for a while because I am shamefully bad at sending my family and friends birthday cards despite having dozens of handmade ones on hand.  I am, however, very good at making sure to wish them a Happy Birthday on Facebook.  So I though I could make a handmade card that I can share over and over again online while still share my art with them.

I often use my art journal to work out ideas for projects and this page was my "warm-up" for my project today.  

What I learned by doing this was that I needed more of a focal point. As an artist, it's invaluable to use my art journal in this way. Honestly, I didn't want to show you this page because I didn't think it was good enough to put out there on cyber space for all to critique.  But I thought it was important to show my process and how I work through ideas.  Many people think that artists are born with talent, and a lucky few are.  But most of us learn through trial and error, schooling, or a few classes here and there.  How do you work out your artistic struggles and get inspired?

Thanks for visiting the blog today and don't forget to check out the Gel Press Blog for my tutorial.

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