Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Making Unique Texture Plates for Gel Press

Hey friends, just a short post today to tell you to go check out the Gel Press blog for a tutorial on how to make texture plates to use on the Gel Plate.

Gel Prints Using Texture Plates

Using canvas panels, modeling paste and your favorite stencils, you can make custom texture plates to make unique works of art.
canvas panels
Gel Plate with Texture Plate
I had such fun that I made 8 texture plates and more that a dozen prints!    

Texture Plates (above) and Prints (below)

 Two of them I liked so much that I framed them and they are hanging in my house.

Gel Print First Pull 
Gel Print Second Pull
So go to the Gel Press blog today and see how I made them!

Now go be creative today!


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