Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Painting Class

Recently I signed up for an online class called, "8 Great Paintings." 

Link: https://julie-prichard.squarespace.com/8-great-paintings

I want to learn new techniques and expand my knowledge of acrylic painting and I like that the paintings are small, no larger than 12 x 12 and somewhat abstract.  I'm currently on the second painting and they are far from masterpieces but I'm learning new techniques I will use in future projects.

#1 is 9 x 12 and all about layering techniques. Although it's suppose to be abstract, somehow, I made it into a grungy urban landscape. I grew up in a large city and have been a suburbanite for many years. So I guess I gave meaning to an otherwise meaningless painting.  I do like to give my work some sort of meaning, so it works for me!

#1 detail showing lots of layers.

#2 incorporates collage elements and black and white paint to start. I like it so far.

More layering so that almost all the collage elements are covered.  This one is not done yet.

#2 detail

I'm finding that the lack of color in these paintings is out of my comfort zone and making me not want to finish #2.  So I've decided to add lots of color to the following lessons.  I may come back to #1 and 2 and do the same.  I need to make them mine and not just copy my teacher!  

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